About Us

Consulting market leader and expert in advice

  • Stewardship: utmost care of every endeavor being undertaken.
  • Respect: upholding dignity of every stakeholder.
  • Enthusiasm: passionately doing everything we choose to work for.
  • Elation: making it a joy for every stakeholder to work with us.
Blissful Clients

We Have Two Decades Of Expertise And Experience In Providing The Best Services Of Jyotirgamay Business Ecosystem (JBE)!

Jyotirgamay is a Business Consulting and Auxiliary Services ecosystem based on a chronicled knowledge system where we Ideate, Innovate, and Implement processes and products per our customers' tailored requirements.

  • Listening :We Innovate & Implement processes - Ideate, Innovate and Implement.
  • Strategy :We Isolate and eliminate hurdles of individuals & businesses - identify,isolate & eliminate.
  • Execution :We develope, deliver as per tailored requirements of our customers.